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VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/Pissed00=你在呼唤我? /// You called?
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/Pissed01=有什么问题吗? /// Is something amiss?
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/Pissed02=我还在等候那份永恒的奖赏……也不知道,还要等多久? /// I'm still awaiting that eternal reward, you know.... what's taking forever?
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/Pissed03=十年前我还是个无名小卒。后来,我开创了自己的教派。如今,我有座辉煌的浮空要塞。不用羡慕!只要你读了我的书——《巫妖致富指南:速成篇》,你也能做到! /// Ten years ago I was a nobody. Then, I started my own religion. Now I have a glorious floating citadel and you could too if you'd just read my book: "Striking it Lich! (dark)...the Easy Way."
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/Pissed04=如今,诅咒教派已经有了许多的狂热粉丝。 /// At this point, the Cult of the Damned is a cult classic.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/Pissed05=你们这些“英雄”只顾着争夺什么“T7套装”,完全忘记了我的护命匣。<laugh>一群蠢货。 /// You "heroes" were so busy looting your precious "tier 7", you completely forgot to look for my phylactery. <laugh> Fools.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/Pissed06=什么,除了巫妖王,还有个骷髅王?啊,要我从工作和生活中二选一,实在是头疼! /// Wait, there's a Lich King AND a Skeleton King? Ugh. I hate having to choose between my job and my home-life!
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/Pissed07=巫妖王曾经为我铸造了一把剑,名叫什么……“血涌,某人的苦痛之剑”。老实说,这名字有点太言过其实了,就让他自己留着了。 /// King Arthas once forged a blade in my honor. He named it "Bloodsurge, the Blade of Agony." Honestly, it was a little much, I let him keep it.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/Pissed08=黑暗指引着我。<beat>毕竟只有他才有GPS。 /// The darkness guides me. <beat> He's the only one with GPS after all.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/Pissed09=以前散播瘟疫可容易了,可如今什么都要“不含谷蛋白”。 /// Spreading the plague was a lot easier back before everything went all "gluten free."
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/Pissed10=当巫妖最大的好处是什么?就是可以随时冻结我的呼吸。<Exhaling: HAhhhh.>真棒。 /// The best part of being a lich? Seeing my breath freeze whenever I want. <Exhaling: HAhhhh.> Neat.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/Pissed11=一开始,要40个英雄才能战胜我。可我听说阿尔萨斯被区区10个人打败了。你们说谁才是真正的巫妖王呢? /// Originally, it took 40 heroes to defeat me. I heard Arthas got beaten by 10. Makes you question who the REAL Lich King is, doesn't it?
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/Pissed12=<SFX: Cat meow.> (talking cutesy to the cat)啊,别担心,比格沃斯先生。(back to normal)这次我不会再让任何人伤害你。 /// <SFX: Cat meow.> (talking cutesy to the cat)Oh, now, don't you worry, Mr. Bigglesworth. (back to normal)I won't let ANYONE harm you this time.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/Pissed13=你居然敢戳我!我可是纳克萨玛斯的大巫妖!瘟疫之地的巫妖领主,恐惧浮空城的指挥官!诅咒神教的创始人和领袖…… /// How dare you poke the Archlich of Naxxramas! Lich Lord of the Plaguelands, Commander of the Dread Necropolis! Master and founder of the Cult of the Damned...
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/Pissed14=六人议会的前成员……污染者阿克蒙德的召唤者!人性的背叛者!《炉石传说》死忠玩家,巫妖王的管理者,克尔苏~加德。 /// Formerly of the Council of Six... Summoner of Archimonde the Defiler! The Betrayer of Humanity! Hearthstone Enthusiast, and Majordomo to the Lich King himself, KEL'THU-freaking-ZAD.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/Pissed15=哦,等一下,我忘了说憎恶的创造者!我们可以从头再录一遍吗?<beat>你说什么,不行?<slightly longer beat>好吧……但你要为此付出你的灵魂! /// Oh wait, I forgot creator of the abomination! Can we take it again from the top? <beat> What do you mean, no? <slightly longer beat> Fine... but I'm taking your soul for this!
VoiceOver/KelthuzadA/HeroSelect00=仆从们,奴仆们,所有黑暗与寒冷的战士们……听从克尔苏加德的召唤! /// Minions, servants, soldiers of the cold dark... obey the call of Kel'Thuzad!
VoiceOver/KelthuzadA/HeroSelectPlayer00=你是……我?我还以为自己独一无二呢! /// Are you... me? And I thought I was one of a kind!
VoiceOver/KelthuzadA/HeroSelectPlayer01=莱斯·霜语?是你吗?不是?还是雷基·冬寒?这里太高,我看不清。 /// Ras Frostwhisper? Is that you? No? Maybe Rage Winterchill? It's hard to see from up here.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadA/HeroSelectPlayer02=你是克总粉丝团的成员吗?难怪。 /// Member of the KT fan club are you? Who can blame you.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadA/HeroSlain00=我什么时候说过你可以去死的? /// I don't recall permitting you to die.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadA/HeroSlain01=我会把你的护命匣准备好。 /// I'll ready your phylactery.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/AI_Uhoh01=巫妖王一定会知道的。 /// The Lich King will hear of this.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/AI_Uhoh02=我周围全都是废物。 /// I am surrounded by failure.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/Attack06=在克尔苏加德面前跪下! /// Bow before Kel'Thuzad!
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/Healed00=做得很好,我的仆人。 /// Well done, my servant.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/Healed01=你把你的主人服侍得不错。 /// A fitting tribute to your master.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/Healed02=继续服侍好我,仆从! /// Continue your service, minion!
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/MrBigglesworth00=不!!!诅咒你,入侵者,我诅咒你! /// No!!! A curse upon you, interloper!
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/UI_Lockin00=听从我的召唤…… /// Obey the call...
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/UI_Purchase00=听到了吗,比格沃斯先生?轮到我们了。 /// Hear that, Mr. Bigglesworth? It's our turn now.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/UI_WaitLocked00=你知道我的耐心可是有限的。 /// My patience IS limited, you know.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/UI_WaitLocked01=我等这一刻已经很久了。别让我再等了。 /// I have been waiting a LONG time for this. Don't make me wait any longer.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/UI_WaitPurchased00=你为什么要浪费我的时间?如实招来,仆从! /// Why are you wasting my time? Explain yourself, minion!
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/UI_WaitPurchased01=是谁胆敢侵入神圣的……我这是在哪儿? /// Who dares violate the sanctity of... wherever I am?
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroQuestion_Anubarak00=啊,叛变国王。你准备好让天灾大军毁灭这个生者的世界了吗,阿努巴拉克? /// Ah, the Traitor King. Are you ready to scourge this realm of life, Anub'arak?
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroQuestion_Arthas00=吾王,让我们用天灾军团征服时空枢纽的生灵吧。 /// My king, let us scourge the Nexus of the living.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroQuestion_BarbarianDK00=死亡骑士,不要心慈手软。 /// Death Knight, show them no mercy.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroQuestion_Demon00=天灾军团再也不侍奉你们这些恶魔了。 /// The Scourge serve your kind no longer demon.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroQuestion_HearthStone00=我们终于见面了。 /// We finally meet.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroQuestion_Jaina00=吉安娜,巫妖王身边还有你的位置…… /// Jaina, you know the Lich King still offers you a place by his side...
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroQuestion_JainaDread00=为你的主人战斗、杀戮、献身!不留活口! /// Fight, kill and die for your master! Let none survive!
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroQuestion_Murky00=抱歉……你迷路了吗? /// I'm sorry... Are you lost?
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroQuestion_Stukov00=你身上的感染与我喜欢的那种瘟疫太相似了。 /// This infestation of yours is too similar to the plague for my liking.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroQuestion_Sylvanas00=叛徒希尔瓦娜斯……我得留心背后,否则就会中箭。 /// Sylvanas the traitor... I'll have to watch my back. Lest I find an arrow in it.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroQuestion_Undead00=机会只有一次。顺我者昌逆我者亡。 /// I offer you this one opportunity. Follow, or be destroyed.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroQuestion_Uther00=啊,乌瑟尔,我一直都想谢谢你的那个骨灰瓮。作为护命匣实在是太合适了。 /// Ah, Uther. Always meant to thank you for the urn. It's made a quite the phylactery.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroQuestion_ZagaraCrypt00=地穴之母扎加拉,我正需要你的力量。 /// Cryptmother Zagara, I am counting on your strength.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroResponse_Anubarak00=是的,一起来撕碎他们。 /// Yes, to tear THEM apart.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroResponse_Arthas00=只要巫妖王一下令,他们就都得死。 /// Then, by the will of the Lich King, they shall be destroyed.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroResponse_BarbarianDK00=然后……他们会开始效忠…… /// And then... their service begins...
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroResponse_Demon00=我只侍奉巫妖王。 /// I serve only the Lich King.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroResponse_Forsaken00=你们迟早也会被天灾军团赶出这个世界。 /// You too shall be scourged from this realm in time.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroResponse_Jaina00=啊,安东尼达斯的走狗。他身体怎么样?(dark)还躺在棺材里呢? /// Ah, Antonidus's lapdog. How is he by the way? (dark)Still dead?
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroResponse_JainaDread00=但愿你能说到做到。你的族类因为出尔反尔而臭名昭著,恶魔。 /// And so it had best remain. Your kind's penchant for betrayal is no secret, demon.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroResponse_Lunara00=你的好奇心会害死你。 /// Your curiosity will be the death of you.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroResponse_Murky00=你的好奇心会一次又一次地杀死你,奔波尔霸。 /// Your curiosity will be the death of you, Murky. Over and over again.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroResponse_Sylvanas00=你的痛苦(dark)还没开始呢。 /// Your suffering has (dark)yet to begin.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroResponse_Undead00=为了巫妖王! /// For the Lich King!
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroResponse_Uther00=你想说什么,圣骑士?所有通灵师的嗓音都差不多? /// What are you implying, paladin? That all Necromancers sound alike?
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroResponse_Valeera00=好,我,会,的。 /// Okay. I. Will.(VoiceOver/ValeeraBase/IntroQuestion_Kelthuzad00=注,意,背,后。)
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/IntroResponse_ZagaraCrypt00=合适?别忘了你效忠的是谁,地穴之母。 /// Suitable? Remember who you serve, Cryptmother.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/KillArthas00=吾王,归去吧。 /// Return soon, my king.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/KillBarbarianDK00=你的使命结束了,死亡骑士。 /// Your services are no longer required, Death Knight.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/KillDemon00=天灾军团再也不侍奉恶魔了! /// The Scourge serves demons no longer!
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/KillJainaDread00=你的背叛并不让我意外,恐惧魔王。 /// Your betrayal is not a surprise, dreadlord.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/KillKael00=你的凤凰会成为比格沃斯的美餐! /// There's only room for one KT around here!
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/KillLeoric00=哈!该跪下的是你! /// No! YOU kneel!
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/KillSpreeEnd00=那家伙嚣张了好一阵子……呵,不过如此。 /// That one was on a killing spree... Heh. "Was."
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/KillTyrael00=那只瓦格里怎么没脸? /// Was that val'kyr missing a face?
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/KillUndead00=我绝不容忍叛徒。 /// I have no tolerance for traitors.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/KillUther00=啊,这让我想起了往事。 /// Ahh, now that takes me back.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/KillWarcraftIII00=啊,勾起了我的回忆。 /// Ah, nostalgia.
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/KillZagaraCrypt00=滚回坟墓里去吧,地穴之母! /// Back to your grave, Cryptmother!
VoiceOver/KelthuzadBase/KillZerg00=别忘了提醒我事后复活几只异虫。 /// Remind me to resurrect one of these zerg later.
VoiceOver/JainaA/HeroSelectPlayer00=那是……我吗?太奇怪了,我记得我没有施放镜像啊。 /// Is... Is that me? Strange, I don't recall casting mirror image.
VoiceOver/JainaA/HeroSelectPlayer01=准备战斗……呃……是我。<sigh>大法师从没有在我们的研究中提及过这种事。 /// Get ready for battle... uh... me. <sigh> The archmagi never covered THIS in our studies.
VoiceOver/JainaA/HeroSelectPlayer02=嗯,请问……这位法师……您是——?算了,我不想知道。 /// Uhm, excuse me... sorceress... are you-- Actually, I don't want to know.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroQuestion_Arthas00=把他们全杀光,阿尔萨斯。我站在你这边。 /// Kill them all, Arthas. I'll be right beside you.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroQuestion_Garrosh00=你和你的部落已经对我没用了。我现在有新的玩偶了。 /// You and your Horde are no longer necessary. We have new puppets now.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroQuestion_Kael00=凯尔萨斯,效忠我,我可以赐予你想要的复仇。 /// Kael'thas, serve me and I will grant you your vengeance.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroQuestion_Kelthuzad00=我听从您的调遣,克尔苏加德大人。 /// My counsel is yours, Lord Kel'Thuzad.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroQuestion_Medivh00=守护者?怎么会?你不是死了吗? /// The guardian? How? You are supposed to be dead.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroQuestion_Murky00=鱼人……未开化的古神仆从。 /// Murlocs... unwitting servants of the Old Gods.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroQuestion_Sonya00=这位战士,你身上的板甲都不剩几块了……居然还活着? /// You are out of armor, soldier... And... alive?
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroQuestion_SonyaDK00=死亡骑士,你知道该做什么。 /// Death knight, you know what to do.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroQuestion_Thrall00=你无法改变你的族人,兽人。他们的命运早已注定。 /// You cannot change your people, orc. Theirs is a destiny of blood.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroQuestion_Uther00=一个玩圣光的。真是少见。 /// A weilder of the light. How quaint.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroQuestion_Varian00=酝酿你的怒火,瓦里安。尽情地释放吧! /// Give into your rage, Varian. Let it free!
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroQuestion_Zagara00=你出什么事了,扎加拉?你看起来……很虚弱。 /// What happened to you, Zagara? You look... weak.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroQuestion_ZagaraCrypt00=是时候进食了,地穴之母! /// It is time to feed, Cryptmother!
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroResponse_Arthas00=是的,我的爱人。我在这里。现在,帮我消灭我所有的敌人吧。 /// Yes, my love. I'm here. Now, help me destroy my foes.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroResponse_Garrosh00=我不知道你在说什么,凡人。 /// I don't know what you're talking about, mortal.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroResponse_Kael00=嗯,当然。但你知道我想要的回报……艾泽拉斯。 /// Mm, of course. But you know what I desire in return... Azeroth.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroResponse_Kelthuzad00=我会听你的,巫妖领主。做好你分内的事情就行。 /// I will serve, Lich Lord. Just play your part.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroResponse_Medivh00=希望不会把你的恶魔们都赶跑了,叛徒。 /// Hope will not drive your demons away, traitor.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroResponse_Murky00=邪恶的生物。 /// Vile creature.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroResponse_Sonya00=你杀不了我的,就像你杀不死黑夜一样。 /// You can no more slay me than you can slay the night.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroResponse_SonyaDK00=他们一定会的。 /// Indeed they shall.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroResponse_Thrall00=谁更适合让这个世界屈服呢? /// Who better to bring this world to its knees?
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroResponse_Uther00=你们圣骑士向来不容易愚弄。我很高兴阿尔萨斯杀了你。 /// You paladins never were easy to fool. Makes me glad Arthas killed you.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroResponse_Varian00=然而你选择与部落结盟。结果他们却选择让你死。 /// Yet you chose to ally with the Horde. While they chose to let you die.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/IntroResponse_ZagaraCrypt00=客套话我们就免了,直接开杀吧。 /// Let's skip the pleasantries and get right to the slaughter.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/KillArthas00=被骗到死的蠢货。 /// Deluded until the end.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/KillDemon00=滚回虚空去吧……哪怕只是一会儿。 /// Return to the nether... for now.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/KillDreadJaina00=一会儿见,妹妹。 /// See you soon, sister.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/KillHorde00=你们部落全都是怪物和坏蛋。 /// Monsters and vermin, the lot of you.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/KillJaina00=去另一个世界和你珍爱的塞拉摩相会吧。 /// Join your precious Theramore in the dark.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/KillKael00=失败者。 /// Failure.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/KillMuradin00=你还是老老实实地当个死人吧。 /// You should have stayed dead.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/KillMurky00=哪怕是纳斯雷兹姆都没这么顽强。 /// Not even Nathrezim are so persistent.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/KillOverwatch00=嗯,你到底是从什么样的鬼地方来的? /// Hmm, where in the great dark were you from?
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/KillRagnaros00=就算是古神的仆从也别想逃过火焰的惩罚。 /// No servant of the Old Gods is spared the flame.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/KillThrall00=萨尔这个名字真的太适合你了。 /// Thrall always was a good name for you.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/KillUndead00=你竟然想反抗你们的主子? /// You think to rebel against your masters?
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/KillVarian00=你真该肢解部落的,小狼。 /// You should have dismantled the Horde, little wolf.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/KillWizard00=他们都说你魔法天才? /// And they consider you a prodigy?
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/Pissed00=什么事,凡人? /// What, mortal?
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/Pissed01=我必须马上开始追捕! /// I must hunt soon!
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/Pissed02=嗯?我?一个恐惧魔王?我不知道你在什么。 /// Hmm? Me? A dreadlord? I don't know what you're talking about.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/Pissed03=我总是在讲,要小心你信任的人。 /// I always did say to be careful of who you trust.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/Pissed04=联盟和部落注定是要毁灭对方的。我只是一直在协助这一必然结果的到来。 /// The Alliance and the Horde are destined to destroy each other. I'm only helping the inevitable along.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/Pissed05=我侍奉巫妖领主,克尔苏加德。目前是这样。 /// I serve the Lich Lord, Kel'thuzad. For now.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/Pissed06=翅膀、蹄子,头上还有角……我真的不是一个迪亚波罗皮肤吗?……好吧,随你怎么想。 /// Wings, hooves, and horns... and we're one hundred percent certain I'm not a Diablo skin? ...all right, if you say so.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/Pissed07=呃! <clears throat>抱歉,纳斯雷兹姆的旧习惯。 /// Bleh! <clears throat> Sorry, an old Nathrezim habit.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/Pissed08=纳斯雷兹姆和奈拉齐姆完全不是一回事。虽然我们都喜爱阴影以及使用发着绿光的武器,但这一切纯属巧合。 /// The Nathrezim and the Nerazim are totally different. Any resemblance between our shadowy nature and green glowing weapons is merely coincidence.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/Pissed09=*sniff sniff*你闻到了吗?噢,不……我的军团在燃烧! /// *sniff sniff* Do you smell that? Oh, no... My Legion is burning!
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/Pissed10=你问我当一名女性恐惧魔王是什么感觉?我要说和男性恐惧魔王没什么不同,唯一的区别就是我能成事。 /// What's it like being a female Dreadlord? Exactly like being a male, only I actually accomplish my goals.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/Pissed11=真心话,我就是想把部落大卸八块。一块一块地切。 /// Personally, I just want to dismantle the Horde. Piece, by piece.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/Pissed12=一、二、三!艾泽拉斯被入侵了三次!啊哈哈! /// One, two, three! Three invasions of Azeroth! Ah ah ah!
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/Pissed13=既然有翅膀,为什么我只能行走? /// Dreadlords don't sparkle. We scintillate.
VoiceOver/JainaDreadlord/Pissed14=一天,瓦里安、加尔鲁什和一位恐惧魔王走进一间酒吧。吧台服务生说“我们不会为你服务的。”然后我怒了,我说“我也不会为你们人类服务!”然后杀了那傻瓜! /// So Varian, Garrosh and a Dreadlord walk into a bar. The bartender says "We don't serve your kind." then I say, (aggro)"I don't serve your kind either!" and slaughter the fool!
VoiceOver/JainaModern/IntroQuestion_Garrosh00=加尔鲁什……你夺走的每一条命都必须十倍偿还,你这个双手沾满鲜血的懦夫! /// Garrosh... you will pay tenfold for every life you took, you murderous coward!
VoiceOver/JainaModern/IntroQuestion_Thrall00=萨尔……你不是把那把锤子丢在一个大洞里的什么地方了吗? /// Thrall... shouldn't you be dropping that hammer in a hole somewhere?
VoiceOver/JainaModern/IntroResponse_Garrosh00=你,只是一条该被打死的疯狗! /// YOU are a rabid dog who will be put down!
Mount/Info/MountHorseDead=死马当活马骑。 /// Beats a dead horse every time.
Mount/Name/MountHorseDead=幽灵马 /// Undead Horse
Skin/Info/BarbarianDeathKnightFemale=桑娅在时空枢纽中四处流浪,一心渴望为逝去的族人们复仇。克尔苏加德提供的力量值得她付出一切代价,就算是要把她的灵魂永远奉献给天灾军团也在所不惜。 /// Sonya wandered the outskirts of the Nexus, desperately seeking a way to avenge her fallen people. The power Kel'Thuzad offered was worth any price, even binding her soul to the Scourge for eternity.
Skin/Info/BarbarianDeathbringerFemale=克尔苏加德的大军横扫了一个又一个世界,无数英雄接连倒在了他最宠爱的死亡骑士的怒火面前。瑟瑟发抖的幸存者们只敢低声说出一个梦魇般的名字:死亡使者桑娅,克尔苏加德的首席骑士。 /// As Kel'Thuzad's army marched across the realms, hero after hero fell before his favored death knight's fury. The survivors will only whisper her name in fear: Deathbringer Sonya, the first horseman of Kel'Thuzad.
Skin/Info/JainaDreadlord=就连阿尔萨斯也无法独自打败时空枢纽的英雄们。克尔苏加德必须从内部攻破敌人的团结,让他们互相猜疑……问题是他能信任一个恐惧魔王多久呢? /// Even Arthas could not defeat the heroes of the Nexus alone. Kel'Thuzad would need to break their ranks, make them question who they can trust... but how long can he trust a Dreadlord?
Skin/Info/ModernJaina=塞拉摩的毁灭让吉安娜彻底崩溃。她已经给过加尔鲁什和他的部落足够多的和平机会。她再也不会那么天真了。 /// The destruction of Theramore shook Jaina to her core. Garrosh and his Horde had enough opportunites for peace. She would never be so naive again.
Skin/Info/ZagaraCryptQueen=时空枢纽里有无穷个宇宙,也有无穷多的亡灵可被招募加入巫妖领主的大军。如今,地穴女王扎加拉已成为天灾军团的终极活体攻城武器。 /// Within the Nexus are an infinite number of universes and an infinite number of undead to recruit into the Lich Lord's army. Crypt Queen Zagara now serves as the ultimate living siege weapon of the Scourge.
VoiceLine/Name/JainaDreadlord_VoiceLine03=Ash Nath Kimbatuul!
VoiceLine/Name/ZagaraCryptQueen_VoiceLine01=虫群之怒 /// Fury of the Swarm
VoiceLine/Name/ZagaraCryptQueen_VoiceLine02=到妈妈这儿来 /// Come to Mama
VoiceLine/Name/ZagaraCryptQueen_VoiceLine03=正如我之前说过的那样 /// Just as I Envisioned
VoiceLine/Name/ZagaraCryptQueen_VoiceLine04=你死定了! /// Now You Die!
VoiceLine/Name/ZagaraCryptQueen_VoiceLine05=虫群生生不息 /// The Swarm Endures







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